There I am…

There I am.  Staring at the blank document.  For nearly half an hour now.  What I wanted to do?  Write.  But what I didn’t do?  Write.  I was waiting for inspiration to strike.  I was waiting for something to write.

Nothing struck me.  As time passed by, I thought why can’t I write about how I felt when I couldn’t get any topic to write about.  What am I doing?  What am I thinking?  What should I do?

Was the document blank or my mind blank?  I am sure it was the former, as my mind is always filled with something or the other.

I clicked on tabs after tabs in my browser, visited websites after websites.  But I couldn’t find inspiration.  

Then I thought why not find inspiration from inside.  Why look for it outside?

Am I too much confused?  Am I trying to be too much ambitious?  Do I want to write at any cost?

Yes and No is the answer.

Here I am, writing this as I am thinking about what else to write.  Here I am, writing about what to write when you don’t feel like writing.  Here I am, trying to overcome my own Writer’s Block.  Who told that Writer’s block isn’t real.  It’s very real.  But it can be overcome.

Maybe this writing is just an example.  Maybe this is just a start for me.  But a decent start nevertheless.  

Now the document at least is filled with some words.  May not be what I originally expected to write.

But I wrote something nevertheless.  And that was more important.  I was no longer Staring at the Blank document.  I was staring at my own musing, my own writing, my own work of art, my masterpiece, my work that will never betray me, my work that will never hate me for who I am.

There I am.  I am no longer staring at the blank document.

Behind the scenes

I wrote this one day when I wanted to write but didn’t know what to write about.  I could feel very anxious about something I wanted to write, but it just didn’t come. So instead of closing the window, I just started writing whatever I was thinking. And it worked. I wrote something, in the end, I felt relaxed. Like some big burden off your shoulders.

What do you generally do to get rid of your writer’s block?


  1. Well articulated…this often happens with me as well…one way I get out of it is by attempting something simpler like a random picture prompt or word prompt…once the flow starts then of course it’s smooth sailing thereafter !

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