Why do I Write?

Recently I came across a blog post “Why Do I write?”.  Ever since reading that insightful blog post, I started wondering Why I write.

For years, I have been always thinking that I had something to say to the world.  I found out my passion for writing when I started a tech blog in the field of software development.  That’s when I found out that people do listen to you when you say something meaningful.  And the internet is so vast that you tend to meet like minded people somehow or the other.

I thought I had some knowledge to share and hence I shared it.  But again I felt constrained.  I felt that maybe I had more things to share.  But I didn’t know how to share it.  More experiences, more learnings, more viewpoints and more everything.

Inspiration struck.  An idea struck.  Why not write fiction?  By which I can share whatever I learnt to the world in the form of a story.  Even better is I can share whatever I feel, whatever I want to do, whatever I imagine to the world.

That’s when I entered the world of fiction writing.

I started with a novel.  But now, that’s lying somewhere in my draft, waiting for redemption.

I went into that damned Writer’s Block.  I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t have picked up writing a novel even before getting my writing schedule in place.  So I was blocked completely.  That was very frustrating.  It stressed me out.  I gave numerous reasons to myself that I will write one day, but not today.  But I never wrote for many months together.

Then I realized that I need to do something to start my writing again.  I thought I can’t let Writer’s block destroy my Writing career/passion even before it started 🙂

That’s when I started this blog.  I wanted to at least write something (Fiction), to keep my creative juices flowing.

That’s how this blog started.  I wanted to write only short stories in this blog.  But again, I felt constrained.  So I started writing others stuffs too very recently.

Ok, so coming back to the question of Why I Write? I think I write because I have a passion for writing.  Because I wanted to tell a story.  In fact many stories.  That’s the main reason. I have stories to tell, experiences to share.  What better than doing it through something you love and have the passion for.  That’s Writing.

So yeah, I finally managed to answer the question.  I Write because I have stories to tell to the world.

Why I blog?  Because I want to meet fellow people who are like minded with whom I can connect at an emotional level.  Writers who share my passion, Readers who like my work, Bloggers and Critics that can critique my work.  That’s how I came across beautiful blogs.  Beautiful stories.  Beautiful pieces of writing.

So, I am asking you the same question which kinda rejuvenated me, thanks to Adelina.  Why do you Write?

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  1. Hello 🙂
    I believe I write for a couple of reasons. This blog was started so I could expose my ideas and writing to everyone who cared to read them. Also, I believe writing my blog helps me be on track and a need to keep writing rather than writing every once in a while, sort of a push that I need. Finally, I strongly believe having readers who engage and can relate with what I write is the best thing. If my writing evokes a certain feeling to readers, then I find that as a sign that I may be doing something right.

  2. Loved reading your reasons. Mine were a little different. But as long as we keep writing, it doesn’t matter what the reason is. 🙂 All the best for your writing. Look forward to reading more. 🙂

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