They say a blank canvas is the…

They say a blank canvas is the starting point of any good art.  Now I am staring at a blank canvas.  Rather a blank page.  In my google docs.  Trying to create the next piece of art.

Yes, I am an artist.  I am a Writer to be more precise.  I write for my passion.  But I do struggle with Writer’s block.

So, this is my piece of art.  May not be much worthy to all.  May not be worthy to even some.  But worthy for me.

What am I going to Write about???

I don’t know.  I haven’t even thought about it.  Or should I say I am too tired thinking about it.

It happens to me.  It happens to all Writers, I believe.  Maybe some are too happy and are an infinite source of energy, that they can produce art at a rapid pace and that too continuously without any blocks.

But I am not that kind.  Now, I am more human.  Maybe, I will go to that state once in my lifetime.  But I am not sure when.

Maybe I will create writings after writings that continue to be good.  That I am satisfied with to share to the outside world.

I feel anxious if I don’t write.  I feel scared to write.  And yet, I am a Writer.  I find unique pride in being described as a Writer.

I feel conflicting emotions.  Very happy if I produce some piece of art.  But to produce that, I need to toil.  I am ready to toil.  But I do get blocked.  

Who said Writer’s block isn’t real???

It’s damn real, my dear friends.  My dear readers.  My dear aspiring Writers.

People might think I am crazy, but deep down I know I am an artist.  And yeah, artists are crazy people.

Artists tend to think out of the box.  In fact, sometimes there isn’t any box.  That’s what produces great art.

But I am currently restricted not by the box, but by a small dot.  The dot which I seem to have put for myself.  I need to come out of that dot.

It’s difficult.  It’s frustrating.  It’s nonsense.  But I am trying.

Maybe that dot has grown so big that I feel engulfed by it.  🙁

But I have to come out of that dot.  What should I do?

Write.  Write.  Write more.  Write lots and lots and lots.  Maybe this will serve as a starting point.

Maybe this will serve as a practice ground.

I wanted to write.  But I didn’t know what to write.  Yet I wrote this piece of art (you can call it crap, by the way.)  

It’s special for me.  You know why?

Because it reduced my anxiety.  Yeah, you heard it right.

Writing this piece feels real good.  More relaxed.  More good.

And I do feel anxious every time I get the Writer’s block.  But I have decided to write something or the other whenever Writer’s block comes to me.

It’s like fighting Sword with Sword.

Tackling Writer’s block with Writing.  Interesting?  Isn’t it???

Maybe you might not find it so useful.  But I definitely did.

Maybe you might not find it interesting.  But I definitely did.  And I am sure, many aspiring writers like me will find it too.  Because it will help them too.

You might ask me “You are struggling with Writer’s block.  How are you going to help others?”

Valid question.  But I have got an answer.

Some of the greatest inventions/creations in the world have come by coming up with some methodology to tackle their own problems.

I have read articles on “What to do when you get Writer’s block?”, it mentions a list of points like Start Writing, Use a Writing Prompt, Use a picture prompt, Go for a walk, Switch off mobile, etc. , and all such less useful stuffs.

But the one I found most useful is the one I figured out myself.

“Write out my thoughts whenever I get Writer’s Block”

Maybe this is going to turn out to be my signature method to come out of Writer’s Block.  

Now I feel far more relaxed as I have completed more than two pages of writing.

But as I said, it might be crap for you, but’s it’s special for me.

You know why?  Because I got unblocked.

I feel this is like cleansing your mind of random negative thoughts.

I feel this is the Muse’s way of telling that “Come on mate.  You’ve got some work to do.  So, first clear your head.”

I feel this is the world’s way of telling.  “Come on mate.  I need you to create your next piece of art.  Help me.”

So what should I do next?????

Create my next piece of art.


  1. It has happened to me a lot. I advise the same that had been suggested by a blogger friend last year:
    1. Take deep breath.
    2. Stop looking at the computer, and emails.
    3. Go out, meet your friends, go to some interesting place.
    4. Now recollect what you did and jot them in a paper.

    You will have done something better.

    Also, it is not necessary that everything you think flows out as words. You might need more knowledge on it to make it better the next time.

    1. Good advice by your friend. #3 is ruled out for me as I write when no one is near me. But I will try the other points that you described. And thanks for stopping by to comment.

    1. Yeah Dinesh, it’s a vicious circle, no doubt about it. I need to get used to the horror you are mentioning 🙂 Maybe this is practice ground for me.. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it makes a big difference.

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