Happy Teacher’s day – A tribute to my best teachers

Belated Teacher’s day wishes to all my teachers.

This time, Teacher’s day got overshadowed by Ganesh Chaturthi.  Nevertheless, I wanted to make this post, even though a bit late.

On this occasion, I would like to thank countless number of teachers, who taught me.  But deep down I believe the best teachers are the ones who inspire you to the  core and instill the right values.

Here I am listing a few teachers who have inspired me

#1 My mom

Generally, a mother is the first teacher to any child.  It’s definitely true in my case.  I saw what is hard work through her, I saw what is dedication through her, I saw what is determination through her and I saw what is discipline through her.

One saying of her that stuck with me:

Discipline is when you work the same way when the boss is not around.

#2 School days – Kavitha Miss (Our Tamil teacher in 9th standard)

She taught us Tamil, but she also taught us life values.  She had a great quality of a teacher, that is likability.  It’s true, only if the teacher is likable, students will learn that subject.  At least that’s the case in India.

One saying of her that I still remember till date – “Don’t beg anyone for anything in life, no matter what it is.”

She was there to teach us only for an year.  But she always stayed in our hearts.  I hope my friends will agree too.

#3 Tuition Teachers – Arul Sir and Thiagu Sir (From Arul Institute)

Hats off to these two great teachers who introduced me to concept based learning.  Till that I was doing only reading and writing in exams whatever I remembered (Mug adikarathu in Tamil).  I owe my high marks in Maths, Physics and Chemistry (in plus 2) to them, due to which I was lucky to get into MIT, Anna University.

Saying by Thiagu Sir:

Always try to be number one.  The world rarely remembers the remaining.

Saying by Arul Sir:

You get heavily influenced by the people near you.  If you stay with me for sometime, you will get lot of interest in teaching.  Same holds true for any negative thing.  So choose wisely.

#4 College days – Catherine Bina Mam (Who taught us MicroProcessor)

The way she had command over the subject was immaculate.  Not only her knowledge about the subject was good, the way she conveyed that knowledge to reach the students was awesome.  On top of it, she used to give tips for the students to remember the points as well.  Sort of icing on the cake. 🙂

#5 Office days – Pradeep Kumar Govindasamy (My first manager, mentor and a great leader)

I think many of my colleagues would agree that he is one of the most inspirational leaders that you would have worked with.  For me, that was the case.  He is a role model.  He is an inspiration.  And I have been lucky to be under his guidance.  He was an aggressive yet inspiring leader.  The main thing about his personality was that he did very little in talking, his actions would inspire people around him.  I believe, that’s the hallmark of a great leader.  He is one of the best teachers.

One saying on which I got really impressed and really showed his leadership qualities:

You go and take the risk.  If you are successful, take the credit.  If you fail, I will take the responsibility.  But just go.

#6 Life

They say life is a great teacher.  And it takes living till some age to actually experience the teachings.  Life takes you through a roller coaster ride of happiness and sadness, sometimes the tunnel seems so dark that you might not see the light at all.  But in the end, you will.  You will see light and if you are lucky, lots of it.  I believe, when things are really dark, we really have ourselves to believe.  I think that’s the only time, when true strength of character is revealed.

My own saying with which I got impressed 😛

Remember everyone who undervalued you. After you become great, you may want to thank them for the unintended inspiration!


So a big thank you for all the best teachers in my life. I know this post is a couple of days after Teacher’s day, but I wanted to share this as I didn’t want to keep it in my heart. 🙂


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