A rant about flawed rules

I attended a writer’s event recently, where I met a reader/writer.  We talked, became friends and he was rubbishing about the rules of so much blog posts as part of the entry criteria for making into a particular blogging community.

I was thinking, why was he so upset.

Then I read one of his blog posts A Definitive pursuit and then understood the real reason behind his frustration.

But even then, I was not completely empathetic towards his situation until it happened to me.

He had a goal of 10 posts.  I had 20, which I completed recently.

Then I applied for entry into the community.  It took days after days to get a response from their admin team.  I can forgive that.

But their reponse. Oh my God.  I can’t forgive that.

This was the response.

Dear Rajaraman,

Our moderation team has gone through your blog, and has found that about ten or eleven of your posts are only a line or two long. Though we do understand that they are poems, unfortunately, they can’t count as full posts! Please let us know as soon as you have a few more posts up, and we’ll look into the same once again.

We do hope you understand!

I mean what the fuck?

I had written quotes in my posts.  Where would I write those? In my drafts? or in Twitter?

Shouldn’t they count as posts? What about the quality?  They were all crafted by me.  And I hate the fact that it doesn’t count.

Dear readers, whoever is reading this, please tell me why can’t a quote or poem can’t qualify as a post?

So does it mean quantity matters over quality for them?

So I have to write 20 longish posts rather than what I would love to write.  Is that what they are saying?

Shorter or longer, I just want to write my heart out.  If that’s a quote, it might solve the purpose too.

My writing depends on the mood that I am in and what I want to tell at that moment.

Who are they to tell me that I can’t write quotes as a post?

So as always, I am termed a misfit 🙂

But my quest will continue. My quest for writing.  My quest for writing quality posts will continue, no matter how short or how long.

Does it mean I wouldn’t apply for it once again when I have 20 longish posts (according to them)

I would. Not for the recognition they give me.

But to meet the people out there.

The system might be bullshit.  But the people can’t be.  I am eager to meet interesting people in that space as well.

I have met wonderful people in wordpress, twitter, workshops.  I would continue doing that in other mediums like the one mentioned in this post.

Till then, I will continue writing.

I do have a quote for them, which I have already written in this blog (And which doesn’t classify as a proper blog post 😛 )

Remember everyone who undervalued you. After you become great, you may want to thank them for the unintended inspiration!

By Rajaraman

Dear readers/writers

Have you ever been through this? Please share your experiences and feel free to comment.


  1. I think speaking out your mind it what that matters, not the length of your posts. No writing can be judged by it’s length right, it’s not like we are marking an answer for an exam paper, it’s just about sharing ideas through your writing.

  2. Thanks for quoting the post Raja.. I am trying to understand if ‘rubbishing’ meant ‘trashing’ there.. 😀
    But frankly, the forum didn’t matter much to me then and later, I was oblivious of it until we brought it up in the workshop.

    You have been writing long enough, so don’t give a damn. You have a good following here already and a better quality audience.. !

    1. You’re welcome Dinesh 🙂

      Your points taken. I will continue building my audience over here. But I don’t want to lose out on the Writers whom I might meet if I don’t go there. I have met excellent writers/bloggers through wordpress, twitter and the workshop. So I want to continue doing that. Thanks for stopping by, Dinesh 🙂

  3. We surely aren’t writing answers for 2 or 16 marks questions for an exam! It’s rubbish to even think of the length of the post.
    I wonder if such a forum really needs to be considered worthwhile. It doesn’t really matter even if your writing doesn’t attract readers, What matters is your satisfaction of writing it!

    1. Haha. True Janani. On a different note, this reminded me of the good old school days where we could weave stories for 16 marks. Maybe many writers are born during exams.

      Coming back to the topic, Even I don’t consider the forum worthwhile, but as I mentioned in the post, I will have a chance to meet some quality writers from whom I can learn a lot. That’s the main reason I want to give it one more last chance.

      Thanks for stopping by Janani. It relieves me to see people thinking on the same lines.

  4. Couldnt agree with you more – their filtering idea really seems to be ridiculous… they simply cant go by the number of posts without caring about its quality, significance etc. But like you said, being a part of the writing community at large is also important as you get to meet some excellent folks out there… So I feel you, my friend! But chin up and keep writing… you have a pretty comfy fan base out here on your personal blog as well !!!!

  5. I personally am not big fan of Facebook but they do have some excellent writers groups there. To my knowledge not one of them would consider an entrance exam necessary. Considering how many groups writers join, it’s quite likely you’d meet the same people as in the group you want.
    Having said that, if you particularly want to join this specific group then you’ll have to abide by not only their silly rules for membership, but no doubt continual assessment of your work after that to ensure it meets their exacting standards.

    1. Very true Sir. The website they maintain is very good and pull some good crowd. Besides, there are already enough writers in that group and I am just starting. So I thought it will be a good place to meet a lot of people. And yeah, facebook group is a good idea. I recently joined one and they were very receptive. Hoping for the best. Thanks for the comments Sir. Keep visiting to read more of my works.

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