100 Followers – An emotional side, a rational side and a few tips

First the emotional side of it:

Yesterday, I got a wordpress alert that I have reached 100 followers.  I felt really good.


100 is a significant number.  It’s used as a base for percentages, marks, a great milestone in cricket.

Above all, 100 means a lot for an upcoming Writer like me.  It’s a milestone that I will remember.

When I started writing this blog, I started writing only short stories.

Then I slowly started writing quotes, then a few monologues if you could call them, then a few rants, a couple of haikus, etc.

You have accepted them all and gave me good feedback.

I do have a few writings in my draft which I haven’t published yet in this blog for fear of rejection.

I will post them once I feel I am ready.

Hope you will accept those too.

And I am equally grateful to meet wonderful readers, writers and bloggers like Ramya, Prapti, Sandeep, Anusha, Neha, Radhika, Piyusha and a lot more.

I follow their works regularly.

So, overall, it’s been a great experience since I joined wordpress and even more ever since I started blogging regularly.

Now the rational side

As an engineer, with lot of interest in analytical stuffs, I am trying to analyze if 100 followers means something meaningful rationally.  So I took a few more data to see if I am going the right path. So I took out some data from wordpress for the past 3 months.  Because that’s when I was really active writing.

So I took the overall views, visitors, likes and comments for all these months individually. Here is the data below: (September data is only till 22nd)


July Aug Sep (till 22nd) Sep (Projected)
Views 154 549 418 570
Visitors 78 251 177 241
Likes 33 142 149 203
Comments 14 91 71 97

As you can see, overall the trend is good.  The views are increasing, likes are increasing and comments are increasing. For visitors, there is a slight decrease.

Then I went onto gather some more data out of it:

July Aug Sep
Views per visitor 1.97 2.19 2.36
Likes : Views 21.43 25.87 35.65
Comments:Views 4.55 8.29 8.49

Views per visitor:

Increase here, means that, on average, blog visitors are reading more.

Likes : Views

Increase here, means that, on average, blog visitors are liking my posts more.

Comments: Views

Increase here, means that, on average, blog visitors are commenting on my posts more.

So, I like these three metrics better as opposed to the absolute numbers of views, etc.  Now I know three things:

  • People are reading more
  • People are liking my posts more
  • People are commenting more

Which are good for any writer

Tips for new(ish) Writers/Bloggers

Write Regularly

In order to publish, I need to write regularly.  That’s what I did.  I followed a schedule and to the maximum extent, stuck to it.

Publish Regularly

This is a must.  I would be afraid to publish my writings.  But then eventually I would.  I would think, what’s the max that would happen?

Take time to read other blogs and comment on them genuinely

I made it a point to read more of the blog posts from the blogosphere.  And I commented, not for the sake of it.  My comments were more genuine.  I have observed that if I am genuine, I am able to connect better on an emotional level with the writer.

Follow genuinely

Again, I made it a point to follow good works.  No matter, if it’s from an older blog or a new blog.  All that matters is the writing and the interesting personality behind that writing.  Once  you follow genuinely, you will get followed back genuinely, I suppose.

Use the wordpress daily prompts

It’s a good source of inspiration, especially when you have too little or too much ideas to write about.

Write about your Writer’s Block too

For a new writer/blogger, Writer’s Block can hurt a lot.  That happened to me as well.  But this time, I am coping with it a lot better.  The strategy I used is to Write about Writer’s Block like the posts below:

There I am

They say a Blank canvas is

These unblocked me instantly, destressed me and I continued to write more after that.

So, there you go.  You have come to the end of this rather long post.  Thank you for reading so long.  So, my dear readers, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

PS:  I am planning to do the same type of post every 3 months or some important milestone (Let’s say 250 or 500 followers).  I found this very interesting and introspective.


    1. Thank you chaoticmind. 🙂 Encouragements from people like you go a long way in helping me provide better content. I had a look at your blog too. It was nice, hence I followed you. Keep visiting.

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