Ribo – A short fiction

It’s 2 AM on a Saturday night.  And I am trying to write something.  I badly want to start something.  It’s been over 4 days since I have written.  I keep scratching my head for some idea out of the blue.

But my friend Ribo is bothering me.

“Hey, let’s check that youtube video.” he said.

“No mate.  No.  Please.  I don’t want to get distracted.  I am thinking about what to write.”  I said.

“Hey, what’s the big deal if you watch this video for 5 minutes.”  he argued.

“Hey.  Don’t you understand No.  A No means no.  Please don’t force me. Did you get it?”

His face droops, disappointed that he couldn’t find a partner.  He remains silent for sometime while I continue to think what to write.

“Oh God.  What’s this? Why am I not getting any inspiration to write? My mind is too clouded to write. I should do something about it.” I said.

“Maybe I should get a cup of coffee.”

So I get up to prepare coffee for myself.  What about my friend?  He is not a coffee lover.

Wait, wait.  Don’t panic.  Yes, there are people who don’t like coffee.

While I prepare my coffee, I still think what to write.

“Maybe we should watch a movie together now.  What do you say?” my friend shouted.

“Oh no mate.  I am not ready.  I need to write.”

“Ok.” he said and became silent again.

“What’s up with him today?  He is being extra creepy today.” I thought.

It’s sometimes irritating living with him.  But what can I do?  He is afterall my friend.  I can’t just kick him out like that.

I go into the bedroom again with my cup of coffee.

Coffee can provide me with the much needed energy and inspiration to write for the day.  5 days in a row is too bad.

“Hey, at least while having your coffee, why don’t you look at your facebook?  There might be something interesting.” he said.

“No mate.  Just don’t bother me.”

“Ok.  What about your phone?  It’s been long since you have checked your phone.” he said.

“Oh God.  Why is he behaving like this today? I don’t understand.” I thought to myself.

“Can you just shut up please and allow me to concentrate? Please.” I said.

“Ok.” he said and became silent once again.

“Aah. An idea.  I will write about the old man I met today at the coffee shop.” I screamed in joy.

“Oh no.  But what would you write about him?” he said.

“Hmmm.. I will write about a conversation between that old man and his son who left him a few years back.”  I said.

“Haha.  That’s a pretty old story.  What’s new in that?  I mean it’s a household affair.” he said dismissing my much needed enthusiasm.

So I began to think “Maybe, he is right.”

“Ok.  How about a fantasy fiction short story which I am dreaming for a long time?” I said.

“Hmm.. That’s a good idea.  But I think you should write more in the genre you know than trying different things out.”

“Maybe he makes some sense.” I thought.

“Hmm.  Ok, how about that beautiful painter that I saw at the art exhibition.  The moment I saw her, a story weaved in my heart.  She was so beautiful.”

“Oh oh.  Same old love story.  Oh God.  Give me a break.” he sighed.

“What the hell is he thinking?  He is bashing each and every idea of mine.  What else would I write?” I thought to myself.

“You are an idiot buddy.  Why don’t you just encourage me to do whatever I want?” I said.

“Look, I just speak honestly.  If you don’t like it, what can I do about it?  I want you to do your best.  So I will not allow you to do something mediocre.  You have to do great things buddy.” he said.

“Ok. Ok. I get it.  But what would I write today if you keep on rejecting my ideas?”

“Think something.  That’s what has made you a Writer.  Think.  Think.” he said.

“Ok.  How about writing about the creative writing event that I attended recently.”  I said.

“Oh.  Are you nuts?  How many people will do the same thing again and again?”  I mean it just goes to show that you have got nothing to write about.  You stupid loser.”

“Hey, shut up.  Don’t ever talk to me like that.  What do you think about yourself?”  I said.

“Hey, don’t get upset.  I told you, I tell things honestly, no hard feelings.”  he said.

I knew continuing the conversation with him would lead to further trouble for me.  So I stopped talking and again started thinking.

“This stupid guy spoiled my mood. What to do now?”

“Where am I heading?  What am I doing? I don’t understand.”

Then I thought for sometime, I know it was time to do that dreaded thing.  I never felt good doing that.  But I think I had to do that.  I had no other choice.  In fact, he left me with no choice.

Then I slowly gathered courage and said to him.

“Buddy, I would like to tell you something.  You shouldn’t mistake me.” I said.

“No buddy.  Afterall we are friends.  Come on.  Tell me.” he said.

“Can you please leave this place for sometime?  Please.  With you around, I can’t concentrate on my writing.  So it’s time for you to leave.”

He got shocked to hear that again.  He had had this experience quite a few times recently.  It was not the case earlier.  He never used to go out and somehow managed to stay in the room with me.  I was never strong enough to ask him to leave the room.  But for the past couple of weeks or so, I am asking him to leave the room as soon I eel he is getting too intrusive.  He takes offense.  This has never happened before these two weeks.  But it’s happening now.

I hate it.  But I have got no choice.  Sometimes, he is good, sometimes he makes me think about what’s good and what’s not.  But most of the times, he is an annoyance.

I sensed this only a couple of weeks back and decided to take action.

He saw me again with disbelief.  He thought I would never ask him to leave the room again.  But I did warn him that as long as he gives me constructive criticism on what am I about to do, it was ok.  But as soon as he casts his negative spells on me, I would ask him to leave.

I did warn him.  But he didn’t listen.

So, with drooping face and shoulders, he left.

I felt bad to have disappointed him once again.  This time, i sat down to write.  I wrote.  I wrote.  I wrote nearly 10 pages.

Thank God.  I was finally able to defeat my friend for today.  But tomorrow, he will be back.  He will frustrate me with the same frustrating negative vibes that he is famous for.

And tomorrow, he will be back in full swing.  He will be back fresh from a good night’s sleep probably with greater resolve.

He will be there to disturb me like today.  Like those countless number of days I have sat down to write something meaningful.

But I will be tough on him.  I can’t leave him totally.  He is my good friend.  But when his behavior cause me not to do my work, I will ask him to leave.

This friend is none other than my Writer’s Block, Ribo, as I lovingly call him.  He is such a pain.  But without him, life isn’t much fun either.


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