A day when my son taught me something important 

I know kids teach a lot to parents than the other way around.

That’s what happened to me yesterday.

My son and I were sitting on the sofa and I was playing with him.  I made a barking dog symbol with my hand and began bow bow bow. Then I said it’s going to bite him. Then he said he has a lion in his hand,  and when I barked loud and told him that dog is going to fight with his lion.

I played with him like that once. Next time, I told him “Let’s see who wins the fight this time” and went to attack his lion 🙂 

But he immediately told me “No, no.  Let’s be friends”

A hard realization stuck me.

Then I said ok we are friends and started playing with his lion.

Silently I started thinking.

I was in awe of my son to think like that. I felt proud at that moment. But also thought, as parents are we always teaching our kids the right things? We often do plenty of loose talk in front of the kid.

Kids have great observation power. They observe every tiniest thing that we are doing, even though they appear they aren’t.

Are we teaching him peace? Or are we teaching him to fight? Are we teaching him the positive things or negative?

As all these questions lingered in my mind, I was at least happy that I learnt the lesson of the day.

Lesson that I learnt is “We need to think and propagate peace just like kids”.


  1. Quite a timely post for me. I have been contemplating the same these days…trying to figure out the source of loose talk of my son 🙁 we really need to observe kids and watch ourselves before using any such language in front of them. But yes, you rightly said ..we learn a lot from them.

    1. Yes Vandana. Glad that it struck a chord with you. I think the sooner we realize that they learn a lot just by observing us, the better it is for us and kids. Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting.

  2. What a wonderful learning! If only we adults could actually remember the learnings we get as kids. This reminded me of that last scene in Chillar Party where that kid says what’s the point of growing up and being educated when the teachings are forgotten anyway. Powerful reminder, indeed!

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