Accident of a not so loved one? [Real] – A repost

[This is not fiction, but real, absolutely real. I made some edits in wordpress mobile app, it somehow managed to delete the entire post. So reposting it.]

This morning, I opened my office email to a bad news. The sad demise of a colleague due to an accident.  And she wasn’t someone I knew.  I have never met her or even spoken with her. But I have often seen her in my office’s pantry and cafeteria. And I felt bad about the news.

Death at such a young age, due to an accident.  Wish some things could be reversed.

This reminded me of a similar experience that I had last year. Another colleague of mine met with an accident and died.  Again I didn’t knew him much, I have talked with him once through a common friend.  I knew him no more than that, never spoke with him.  An occasional hi, bye..  That’s it.

But I felt bad again, that day.

Cause of both these deaths: Accident.

As I was thinking about these two people, I felt sad. I am a nobody to these folks. Yet I felt sad. I just imagined how their loved ones would have felt. Their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, close friends and family.  How much their hearts would have felt?

But you know what? I will forget this tomorrow or day after. But what about the closed ones? Will they ever be able to forget such a thing in their life? I know time can heal everything, but the scars can be deep and can take a long time to heal, in fact sometimes never heal at all.

You might ask why am I feeling so much for a person whom I don’t know that well.

Accident of a close friend changed my perspective about accidents.

His bike collided with a lorry.  I was there when my close friend was taken to the hospital ICU.  He was in pretty bad condition.  I saw his parent’s condition right in front of my eyes.  I wished I could do something about his condition.  But I couldn’t, except pray.  That’s when I realized that some things are beyond our control.

Luckily, he recovered and was back to normal. But that incident left an impact in me.

But my colleagues weren’t that lucky, or rather should I say their families weren’t that lucky too. May their souls rest in peace…

I was more irked with the cause of their deaths than their deaths itself.  Accidents.

I know accidents do happen and lot of lives are lost on a daily basis.  But only the people who lose their loved ones know the pain of a loss.

So I request the readers of this post is to

  1. Please, for God’s sake and your family member’s sake, wear the helmet while riding the two wheeler.
    1. To men: Yeah, you might look stylish without the helmet. But don’t give the pain of a loss to your loved ones. They are the ones who will suffer more than you.
    2. To women: I know you care about your hair style a lot. I know doing a woman’s hair is much more difficult than a man’s hair, once it’s spoilt. I know you spent lot of money and time to straighten that hair and wearing that helmet might spoil your beautiful hair. But my humble request to you ladies is to please wear your helmets.
  2. Never think about anything else when you are crossing the road or driving the bike/car.
    1. I know maybe you are upset thinking about your boyfriend/girlfriend not picking the call.  I know you might be upset thinking about how your boss should have said things in a more smooth manner instead of showing his/her bossy nature.  I know you might be very happy thinking about an incident that made you smile.  I know you might be hearing a song and you are thinking about someone important. But, none, I REPEAT, none of all this is important than your life.
  3. Never use a mobile phone when driving/crossing the road.
    1. I have done it myself. Most of you have done it at some point in your lives. But I stopped doing it completely. I request you to stop the habit immediately.
  4. Educate your close ones about all these. If they don’t listen, threaten them, beg them, do whatever you want but make them listen.
  5. Reduce the speed at which you drive (If you drive too fast)
    1. A lot of the accidents are caused when we are not able to control the vehicle, even after we apply the brakes.
    2. And speed can cause damage to other vehicles too.  For example, let’s say you have great driving skills and you manage to control your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that the person near you or behind you can do the same.  They might lose control of their vehicle.  Who knows? They might have their engagement or marriage the next month? They might be driving along with their babies.
    3. And once a friend of mine told me this fact that I am going to reach office maybe 10-20 mins late if I go by 50-60 instead of 60-80 kmph.  That made a lot of sense to me.  Then I started thinking what am I going to gain/lose in 10 mins.
  6. If you own a bigger vehicle (Car, Van, etc.), the responsibility is on you to be even more careful not to cause any damage.  I know you maybe pissed off by that biker who all of sudden gave a cut, thereby making you apply the brakes in a hurry.  I know you might get an important phone call during your drive.  But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

So, just think about your life/your family when you are driving/using the road.  You are special.  Maybe not to this entire world.  But to someone.  For someone, you are their only world.  For someone, your loss might paralyze them in life.  Don’t give such sorrow to your loved ones.  Please follow the precautions.  Be safe.  Have a safe journey.

So far, I have never asked to share/reblog a post.  But I humbly request you to share this post on your blog or share the link on facebook to let more people know about this.

Signing off with a heavy heart,



A day after writing this, coincidentally, I received an email from It’s about a father who lost his 16 year old son due to accident.  He has started an NGO to spread awareness and save a few lives in the process. Below is the petition he has started, to the Road Transport minister to improve the implementation of road laws. I have signed this petition. You can too.

Petition – My son never returned


  1. Need of the hour. Accidents causing deaths leave the families shattered. We cannot even imagine how the families get impacted with the loss of a family member. The precautions you have mentioned above must be followed by all of us.

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