Day off. Night off.



I have come to accept this.

My new way of life.  A new beginning.  A sacrifice.

For my ailing mother, for my younger brother who wants to study.

Or at least I want him to study.  Even if it’s at the cost of my life.

Today is my first day.  I feel very nervous.

The girls whom I met say that I will be nervous for the first couple of times.  After that, I would get used to it.

Luckily I get to study too.  It’s a bonus for me.  But it will be difficult to manage both work and studies.  But I have to manage.

Now, I am standing along with other girls in revealing attire.  For the view of the customers.

They carefully take a glance at each of us like we were some piece of meat, that they are going to swallow.  One of the customers chooses me.


Oh my God.  He is so well built.

Will he handle me gently?

Or will he leave me in pieces?

I had several questions in mind, while I was guiding him to a room.

I am too nervous.  Will I be able to manage?

I was thinking all these things, when he groped me.  I trembled in fear.

He stripped me naked.  I felt ashamed.  I felt very low.  I felt like I was worthless.

But I had to do this.

—After sometime—

The customer is gone.  Oh, i feel the pain.  Will I manage to go to school tomorrow?

Or do I have to take a day off?

But surely, I can’t take the night off.


– A diary entry of a girl’s first day as a prostitute (One of many girls who chose this path due to family poverty)

This was written as part of the daily prompt word “Nervous”.


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