Ribo turns hostile!

[If you don’t know about the character Ribo, he is my Writer’s Block.  Please read my previous posts Ribo – A short fiction and My Tryst with Ribo continues and Ribo gets outside support to understand his motivations, the way he works and our conversations. Those who know about Ribo, carry on with this post.]


Last time around, Ribo promised to break the writer me.  I’m afraid, he almost managed to do so.  Here is the conversation we had.

“Ribo. Ribo. Ribo. I am starting to hate you.” I said.

“Hahaha. I told you, I would get to you one day.” Ribo said.

“Yeah, for now. I accept that you got the better of me.”

“Now that I have an upper hand, I will put more pressure and will eventually break you buddy, as if you aren’t broken already.”

I sigh.

“You know what Ribo? I am really depressed. Maybe, you shouldn’t talk to me like that. I need some encouragement, my friend.”

“Haha. Look, I ain’t here to motivate you, Mr. Writer. Finally, I got a chance to do some work with you. And I ain’t gonna lose that opportunity.” Ribo said with a grin in his face.

“You are such a sadist. Aren’t you?” I said.

“Nothing personal. It’s my job. It’s the best thing that I do. And you have been a tough nut to crack, so I enjoyed doing this to you.” Ribo said.

“Huh. I mean seriously, why do you think that you have got to me. Yeah, granted, that I have had busy days in my office and family too. But I have been writing one liners at YourQuote. And you know that right?”

“Aahan. So what happened to your short stories buddy? Your blog says raja short stories. I haven’t read your short story in a while. Are you playing some joke?” he asks with excitement.

I sigh.

“Hmmm. Ok. I understand. Yeah, the quote thing is more of a patch up. I know I am not able to write any stories at the moment. Because I am too confused, I should say.”

“Confused. You are fucked up, man. Come on. Admit it.”

“I’m afraid that’s true for the moment. I feel emptiness. I feel anxiousness. Sometimes, I do feel pathetic.” I said.

“You know what, maybe, you shouldn’t be discussing all your weaknesses with me. I am your enemy.” Ribo whispers.

“Hmmm. But I am trying to make you my friend.”

“Which will never happen, because you are gonna hate me for what I am going to do with you.” said Ribo.

“Are you trying to frighten me, Ribo?” I said.

Ribo raises his tone.

“You know what, I got the best opportunity with you for the first time. And I ain’t gonna let it go loose”

I shrug.

“You know, I am trying to make you my friend and you are trying to be hostile to me. But having known me, you will also know that I have the ability to come back. And come back strong.” I said.

“That’s why I wanna step up the accelerator and crush you when I do get the chance.”

“You know, maybe I was missing this challenge these days. Maybe, that’s why I ain’t writing that much.” I said.

“You treat this as a challenge. I promise you, this will be your nightmare, Mr. Writer.”

“Haha. Why are you so hostile with me today? Maybe, we need to talk frequently and sort things out. Seems, you have some big ego sitting on your head.”

“As I said earlier, It’s strictly professional and I am a thorough professional. And I won’t rest till I completely make you not write.”

“You are already losing my friend. I am writing about this conversation.”

“Oh poor fellow, let me ask you this question. How many stories did you write after you had those conversations with me? Only a few right?” said Ribo.

“Yeah, it didn’t make me write many stories. But still, I stayed sane. Without talking to you and venting about you to my dear readers, maybe I would have slowly gone insane.”

“Hmmm.  Do you love writing that much, man?” said Ribo.

“Huh. yes, I do. Don’t you know that?” I said.

“Yes, I do. But I don’t have any sympathy. The more you love your writing, the more I will try to make it difficult.” said Ribo.

“Good luck mate. You know what, after having a heartfelt conversation with a sadist like you, I feel relieved a bit. Like some of my anxiety is gone away.  I feel more clear now.”

“Oh what the hell? It can’t happen. Anyway, consider it happened, you are not too far away from getting yourself blocked completely.”

“For now, you have got the better of me. But I will emerge stronger and I would write better and more often than now.” I said.

“Let’s see.” Ribo said and went to sleep.

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