E – Escort (A short fiction)

It’s about time my flight took off as I was thinking about her.

I usually went to Delhi on my business trips, but this time I was travelling just to meet her. It’s actually the 10th time, that I was meeting her. Yeah, I have kept a count. Because, each meeting has been memorable and I was slowly falling in love with her.

The first time, when I met her, she came to my hotel room at the Taj Palace. We had a nice chat, we got comfortable and then we travelled together to meet various business stakeholders, roamed a couple of places. I always loved the company of escorts. Their main job is to keep high profile business people like me comfortable, keep them good company and obviously fulfil their sexual desires.

One thing about escorts is that they are generally highly educated, independent and they know how to please their clients. And I am not talking about just the sex. They do know how to behave in various situations, how to give company. Afterall, I needed it. I felt lonely in life at 50, after my wife died of cancer.

Me and my wife loved each other so much, her loss left a gaping hole inside me. It’s been 8 years but I have still not recovered fully. And I have never tried to find love, as most of the people I have met in my surroundings were gold diggers. One problem with getting rich is that you will never know what people’s true intentions are. There’s always this doubt about what the other person wants from you.


But, I rarely felt lonely at home, because work kept me occupied. But whenever I was out on official trip, I felt very lonely. That’s why I started liking the company of escorts.

I have been doing this since the past three years. I have been meeting different girls, rarely I have asked for the same girl twice. But she is an exception, Madhuri.

She was awesome, she kept good company. She’s obviously great in sex. But apart from that, she kept me entertained. She could talk about business, politics, economics, finance, stock markets, literature, anything and everything. I love that part in her.

And to hear her story of becoming an escort, was even more amazing.

Once I asked her “Did you have a troubled childhood?”

She said “Haha. No, I had an awesome childhood. But yeah, my mother got divorced when I was like 15. It left me shaken a bit. But I see where are you coming from. Look, this is a choice that I made. It’s nothing related to my childhood and I am happy doing what I do. I don’t want to give an excuse as if I am doing something wrong, something bad.”

She became an escort just because she loved the company of people. It made her happy that she was pleasing others who were lonely, looking for company or people whose sexual harmones are too active. “What’s wrong in satisfying others?” was her thought process.

She was unapologetic in her career, she wasn’t afraid or ashamed to be called an escort. For her, it was a job and she was shining in that. And I liked that part in her, because I was always expecting some sad story or some back story which makes an escort what she is. For the first time, I was surprised to hear such a reaction. And being a non-judgemental person that I am, I in fact started appreciating her honesty in that regard. Slowly, I started liking her company. And on one occasion, she wasn’t with me, and I had the option to have another escort with me, but I denied. Because, maybe I was getting emotionally attached to her and started missing her.

So, the next time, I told her that I was getting emotional about her. Her reaction was strange. Because, apparently no one had any sort of emotional involvement with her, till then. She had a few regulars, but they all strictly had a non-emotional bonding. Just a friendly and physical bonding, but nothing else. So, when I told her that I had genuine feelings for her, she didn’t know how to react. Because she never had any love in her lifetime, all were casual flings. She was 30 by the way and she just wasn’t looking to get settled yet. Or at least, that thought hadn’t crossed her mind, yet.

After I confessed to her about my feelings, our relationship started becoming different. Slowly, it was getting more emotional. I even extended my stay for around a week, the last time and we had fun time with each other. It was real fun. And we started to grow and nurture each other. I had started giving her more respect. I became the first person whom she trusted. She introduced me to her divorced mother. Seems, no one in her circles except her very close friends met her mother. That made me feel special.

And she also confessed to me that she was no longer seeing other clients and she was rejecting calls from her escorting company. She had turned from a unapologetic brat to an emotional woman over a period of time. This strange thing called love.

But that’s the best part of love, we don’t know when it hits us, with what. But when it hits us, we fall down, we go into this dance mode, where we feel like dancing, forever. And that’s exactly what we felt, we felt like dancing gripping each other’s’ hands, with no one to disturb.

So today, I was going to propose to her. I have the wedding ring with me. After a while, I was getting down from my flight and i was eager to see her.

A few hours later, I met her.

We did our customary hugs and then we started to relax. There seemed to be some sort of tension in the room. My heart was beating fast and I was anxious. I knew she was having an emotional connect with me. But I didn’t know if she would be willing to spend an entire lifetime with me, considering the age difference.

After we had a really romantic dinner, we went into the hotel room. The grandeur of the room was nothing as compared to the excitement in my heart. I reached out to my left pocket in my suit, I took the small box. I opened it and I told her.

“Madhuri. I don’t know what hit me. This has been a slow thing. I gradually started liking you, your character, everything about you. I would like to marry you. Would you be my bride?” I asked, kneeling down and showing her the ring.

She was startled. From her reaction, she seemed very surprised. Maybe she thought, I would propose her for love, but marriage straightaway was a far away process.

As I was anxiously awaiting a response, she disappointed me by giving me none.

She thought for a while and said, “Hmm.. I need sometime to think about it. Is it ok if I told you by the time you leave tomorrow?”

I was disappointed but had to keep the ring into the box and stand up, knowing that she wasn’t ready. I tried to hide my disappointment. I almost felt like crying, but I had to control.

Then we roamed around a few places, the next day and it was about an hour to go for my flight.

After dinner, we were sitting in my room. We both felt strange. We couldn’t look into each other’s eyes. Then I gathered some courage and went near her and I held her hands and told her “I would be leaving in an hour. Are you still deciding?”

I looked into her eyes, but somehow she couldn’t look back at my eyes. Something took over me and I kissed her on her cheeks. My heartbeat was racing and we both didn’t knew what was going through our minds. In that moment, I kissed her lips. She closed her eyes. Then we had the longest kiss that we ever had. It was as if our lips was doing a slow rhythmic dance to a mild romantic melody music.

Then we made love. We were overwhelmed by our emotions. We weren’t even sure if this was passion or emotional attachment or love. Such was the heat of the moment, that we literally had our best sex ever since we met.

We both had almost reached our climax, that’s when I paused and asked her.

“Do you at least want to reply now? Or do you want to ignore me and keep me waiting? What have you got inside your head? Why don’t you tell that to me now?” he said.

“Are you sure you want to hear it now? I mean at this moment.” she chuckled.

“Haha. Yes. Now.” he said.

“Ok, listen my dear businessman. I have been thinking about you ever since you told you had feelings in me. I have left everything now, I no longer work with any clients. I am now running a consulting company. I have fallen in love with you. Ever since falling in love with you, I could no longer concentrate on my job. I was feeling guilty. You made me feel special. Now what reply do you want me to give?”

“Tell me that you love me and want to marry me, Madhuri. I am dying to hear it from you.”

“You stupid guy, I love you and I want to marry you. Not just that, book a flight ticket for me too, you selfish idiot. I just want to live with you.”

I felt very happy and on top of the world. “Thanks my love. Is that all?”

As I tell that I have the feeling of having my muscles getting contracted, I tried to relax, hold my body loose and I ask her “Hope you are on pills or do you want me to pull out?”

She held onto me tighter, as she was also nearing an orgasm and told me

“You dumb businessman, I’m not on pills and I don’t want you to pull out. Make true love to me, make me the mother of your child. Come on. Come on.” she said as she held onto him very tight.

Our hearts filled with love and we both had shattering orgasms and I filled her with seeds of love.

A day later, after meeting her mother and packing a few items of her, we were coming back to Chennai in a flight.

We weren’t able to think if it was real, but it was happening. We already started living together with each other in our hearts. It’s just time, it’s happening in real too.

She held my hands and leaned her head over my shoulders and asked me “Don’t you really mind that I was an escort?”

I shrugged. “Don’t you really mind that I have been with other escorts before?” I asked. She smiled.

“You know what. You are my personal escort. You are the one who is escorting me to heaven.” I said to her, kissing her forehead.

The End.


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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