F – Frock (A short fiction)

It was late in the evening, the 8-year-old girl Divya had gone out to play.  It was her birthday that day and she was wearing her favorite pink frock.

The pink frock has an interesting story behind it.

“Amma, I somehow need this pink frock for this birthday.  Please buy me this, please.” Divya pleaded her mom.

Divya’s mom, Reshma, was a coolie worker, whose daily wages were barely enough to feed herself, Divya and her aging mother.  Divya’s father had died when she was 3 years old. So there wasn’t much financial support, she was the sole earning member of the house.

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  1. A well written story. A shame we see the disappointment of a child by the baseness of what should have been a trusted adult. One can only hope that somehow the man is punished and that mother can explain somehow to the child the reason she didn’t want to buy the dress without admitting she’s broken the confidence of the diary.

    1. Thank you very much David for your kind words. Hmmm, I agree that such animals should be punished.

      But many people aren’t aware of the abuse that is happening to their children. Especially if they are brought up in environments, where the relationship between parent and children is more fear based than respect based.

      If the children are afraid of parents, they would never open up such issues due to the fear and blame games.

      So, I wanted to touch upon this topic and spread some awareness.

      And thanks for your love, I am grateful that you managed to read and drop in a meaningful comment. Hugs.

  2. One can not imagine the ending like this. I had goose bumps and tears in my eyes while reading this. Society is full of such filthy people’s. It is a strong message towards child abuse. Congratulations on writing this piece.

    1. Hi Falak, I’m glad the message that I intended to give through this story has come out well, in the sense that it has made you emotional. Thanks for your kind words, it really encourages me to write more.

      And yeah, society is full of such filth, but we need to do our part by educating and spreading awareness. That’s what I am trying to do, do my part 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by. Highly appreciated. Your words mean a lot to me. As a writer, this is the first time, I am hearing words like this, so I will remember this message. 🙂

    1. Thank you Janani. I have always strong feelings about this topic, that’s what has come out as this story. Keep reading and keep encouraging 🙂 Your words does motivate me to do more, even if they are suggestions or otherwise 🙂

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