G – Greed (A short fiction)

“We shouldn’t have done this da.” Guna said.

“Look, we have started this. So, let’s go ahead and finish this off.” Daya said.

“I feel afraid. Look at him. He is just an innocent little kid.” Guna said pointing at the child laying down unconscious.

Daya sighed.

“Look Guna. I know it’s difficult for you. Your conscience doesn’t allow this. But think about the future for a moment. It’s two crore, it’s not a small amount. We can give back all our loans. Don’t you remember how badly the loan sharks abused us and our families. And with the remaining amount, you can buy back your old home, and I can live life like a rich guy. Besides, we are not harming this boy. He’s going to be safe.” said Daya.

Guna didn’t seem convinced. But remained silent, thinking something.

“Guna, look, this is the first and last assignment we are doing together. Once this is over, I won’t disturb you and we can part ways. But please don’t screw this up. I have been planning for this day ever since a year.” Daya said still trying to convince Guna.

“Hmmm. Yeah. Sorry, sometimes it’s disturbing. But yeah, it’s about our future.” Guna said.


Guna was thinking about what his dad and mom went through in order to retain their home. He had to desperately buy back that home, or else the current owner was going to sell it off to the builders. It was his mother’s and father’s last wish that he bought back the home and stayed with his family.

But would his parents be happy knowing at the way he was going to buy back his home? That was a big question mark.

Buzz. Buzz.

His thoughts were interrupted when Daya’s phone started buzzing.

“Hello, yes. Come over to the far end of the factory. Hmm.”

“Machan. Are you ready? Keep the gun ready.” he said.

Guna acknowledged and pulled out the gun and pointed at the little kid.

“Machi, are you sure he wouldn’t have gone to the police?” Guna asked.

“No way, from what I have studied him, he is highly emotional. He won’t take chances with his kid. So don’t worry.” reassuring him.

“Hmmm.” Guna said.

A man with a suitcase, came up towards them from the shadows.

“Have you brought the money?” said Daya. Both of their faces were covered with masks, so that no one could identify them.

“Yes. What happened to my kid?”

“Nothing. He’s just sleeping. Otherwise he would be afraid. We gave him a mild sedative injection, after he talked to you.”

“Wake him up. How can I trust you that you haven’t done anything to him.”

“Machan, wake up that boy.” said Daya.

Guna, with his gun in his right hand pointing at the kid’s head, woke up the kid with his other hand.

The boy woke up slowly. Guna hid the gun behind so that the little boy wasn’t afraid.

“Appa.” the kid said.

“Are you happy now? Now pass on the suitcase, here.” Daya said.

The father passed on the suitcase.

Daya opened the suitcase and checked if there was money inside. When he opened the suitcase, it was full of money, fresh 2000 Rs. notes.

After confirming that it’s money, he signalled to Guna to handover the kid to his father.

The kid walked slowly towards his father. Guna walked him through, till he left him with his father.

Immediately upon leaving him, the father said to the son “Run to your left.”

On hearing this, the son ran away and hid in a corner, shielding himself.

While it happened all suddenly, there was a gunshot fired. The bullet hit Guna’s left shoulder. He thought of firing back, that’s when the father held Guna’s hand high and Guna shot at the ceiling.

He hit Guna’s hand so hard that he lost his grip on the gun. Already being hurt, he couldn’t resist much.

While this was happening with Guna, the mysterious man shot at Daya. But it missed and hit the suitcase and the suitcase went sideways. Then Daya shot at the mysterious man. He was accurate in his strike, Daya shot the man’s right hand and his gun flew away. He immediately went to pick his gun, that’s when Daya shot his second bullet. It hit him right in his legs and he fell down.

Daya was quick to pounce on the situation and he shot at the father too, but it missed.

So, he ran near them, where Guna and the father was fighting.

All the while, the little kid was so frightened that he was trembling in fear.

Daya went near them and punched the father right on his nose, knocking him off, making him fall and leave Guna’s grip.

By now, the mysterious man got up on his knees slowly and held Daya’s gun high. They had a long struggle, the mysterious man kept Daya off his gun.

“Catch that kid.” he said to Guna.

Guna ran towards the kid and held the gun right at his head.

“If that guy doesn’t stop, I will kill your son.” Guna said to the father.

“No. No. Please stop.” he said to the mysterious man.

The mysterious man stopped. That’s when Daya held him at gunpoint. “You asshole. How dare you do this?” Daya asked the father.

“Do you think I am a fool? Do you think I was joking? You want to know what I am capable of. Right? Here you go.” said Daya and shot the mysterious guy on the head.

The bullet pierced his head and in one snap, he fell down to the ground much to the shock of the father.

Even, Guna was shocked to see that his friend had killed him. He had earlier promised that he won’t go to that extent, even if any problem came.

“What did you do da? Oh shit.” said Guna.

“Machan, this guy needs to be taught a lesson. Come on, shoot that kid.” said Daya.

Guna’s gun was trembling. He looked at the kid, he was trembling with fear too.

“Machan, don’t think. This guy needs to be taught a lesson. There is no way, we can stay here after this killing. So let’s finish it off. Kill that kid first. I will take care of this asshole. After that, the money is all ours. Let’s just not come into the city for at least a year. By that time, everything will be fine here. Now, come on. Finish him.”

Guna didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to kill. He was shocked to see the thirst for blood in Daya. But now, they will get caught if anything otherwise happened. Even otherwise, Daya would have killed both the father and son, looking at the vengeance and intensity in his eyes.

“Finish him, Daya. Finish him.” Daya shouted.

Would mom and dad be happy with what was happening? Would they see their son as a murderer in their own house? All these thoughts came to him.

Guna closed his eyes for a moment, he wanted the strength to pull the trigger. He opened his eyes, pointed the gun at Daya.

“Dei, what are you doing?” Daya asked.

“Enough of this blood thirst, Daya, Now drop the gun or I will shoot you.” Guna said.

“You bloody traitor, you deserve to die.” said Daya and aimed his gun at Guna to take a shot.

A gunshot and one body fell. Daya fell down on his knees, in grief that he shot his own friend. But he had to do it. He had no other choice. The greed had got the better of them. He became greedy. He could have got away by not killing. He got too much greedy. He got mad. And that had to end.

Will his mother and father forgive him for the loss of two lives, was his thinking.

If he knew, it would have ended like this, he wouldn’t have agreed for all this. In grief, Guna pointed the gun at his own head.

A gunshot.

—————-End of Greed—————-


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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