G – Greed (A short fiction)

“We shouldn’t have done this da.” Guna said.

“Look Guna, we have started this.  So, let’s go ahead and finish this off.” Daya said.

“I feel bad.  Look at him. He is just an innocent little kid.” Guna said pointing at the child laying down unconscious.

Daya sighed.

“Look Guna.  I know it’s difficult for you.  Your conscience doesn’t allow this.  But think about the future for a moment.  It’s two crore rupees, it’s not a small amount.  We can repay all our loans. Don’t you remember how badly the loan sharks abused us and our families?  And with the remaining amount, you can buy back your old home, and I can live life like a rich guy. Besides, we are not harming this boy.  He’s going to be safe.” said Daya.

Guna didn’t seem convinced.  But remained silent, thinking something.

“Guna, look, this is the first and last assignment we are doing together.  Once this is over, I won’t disturb you and we can part ways. But please don’t screw this up.  I have been planning for this day ever since a year.” Daya said still trying to convince Guna.

“Hmmm.  Yeah. Sorry, sometimes…..

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