P – Proposal (A short fiction)

I felt extremely tired, but I had to finish this fast. It was a designer dress for my girl. I mean, officially she wasn’t my girl yet. But, I had been loving her since long.

I had to finish the work in another two hours. After that, I needed to head to college, as there were exams the next day and I hadn’t even studied. “I will mostly fail in this exam” I thought, but I was hardly bothered about that. During daytime, I couldn’t design the dress as my mother would be home, asking a lot of questions.That night, she was thinking that I was studying in my room, for the exams.

It had taken more than two weeks for me to do everything. It was a beautiful t-shirt and long skirt, designed only by me. I saw several youtube videos, read plenty of articles on how to design a dress on my own. I even bought a portable sewing machine, with money borrowed from friends.


The stitching, the embroidery of several hearts, careful sticking of shining stones all these took a lot of time. It was her birthday, the next day, and I planned to gift whatever I had designed to her and then propose my love to her.

I finally finished the design at 7.00 AM, I carefully gift wrapped it with a red coloured marble paper and stuck a happy birthday card. In that I wrote, to the love of my life, Aradhana, Happy birthday..

Then, I went and wrote my exams, it was a terrible question paper and I knew I would definitely fail in that exam. How could one pass if they have rarely studied anything for the exam for the past several weeks?

But those things didn’t bother me. Only thing that went through my mind was my proposal to her, and what she would say in return. She generally had a good rapport with me, she liked me, she had given mixed signals so far. But I was sure, she would accept my proposal. She was from a reasonably rich family, but she had earlier told me that money didn’t matter to her, as she had enough money but not enough people to care for her, not enough people to love her

I provided that care to her, but of late, she was getting close to a rich guy in college. I heard that he was more of a playboy, but when I asked her she told me that she was just treating him like a friend and nothing else.

And when I asked if she would forget me, after knowing him, she replied “You are so special to me, how come I could ever forget you?.” I was on top of the world, when I heard that.

Then, the big night came. I took my gift, put it in a cover and went to the party. Almost everyone had given their gift, so I thought of going. Besides, I didn’t want everyone to be there, when I gave the gift. The party was held outdoor, as it happens with reasonably rich kids.

So, I thought everyone would be scattered, and I thought that would be a best time for me to give my gift to her. I thought, even if there was some embarrassment, it wouldn’t be so public. But I was confident that she would accept my proposal.

She saw me and acknowledged me, gesturing me to come. That’s when I heard fire crackers, bursting and colourful rockets flying in the sky. It was so amazing, a visual treat to the eyes with all beautiful colors in the world, then the entire area was filled with smoke, that’s when many heart shaped balloons started flying in the air. In a few seconds, a band assembled from nowhere and started to play an awesome music. Then came the rich guy, dressed in black suit heading towards her.

By then, I started to realize that the night was not going as I wanted it to go. I knew, what he was upto and I saw her to gauge her reaction. From her looks, she felt so happy and surprised.

I was in the middle, so one of his band members sidelined me and the entire band lead him towards her. By now, everyone in the crowd had started cheering for him. Who wouldn’t cheer if a proposal was going to be so grand.

I stood there in shock, disappointed. But I had one last hope, that she might reject if in case he proposes her or something.But I saw that her eyes were actually sparkling with amazement.

“Happy birthday, my dear.” he gave her a large flower bouquet.

Then, he took a ring from his pocket and knelt down. “I love you, my dear lady. I love you. Will you marry me?” he said while giving the ring to her.

I waited to see her reaction as my heart was racing fast. I had a hope that she might not accept it. But she was wowed by the entire drama, and she said “Yes” and showed her ring finger for him

I stood there dejected and frustrated, as everyone started celebrating, congratulating and told them that they were made for each other. For a minute, I just stood there watching them hugging and kissing. It was so painful, so I turned back and started walking. I started to think.

“Why? I mean why? He is a playboy, I knew that. But she fell for him.”

As I went dejected, I threw away the dress into the dustbin over there.

She fell for his charm, she fell for his money, she got sold by the drama he made. The true love that I had stood no chance in front of the expensive proposal. Eventually, she fell for his fake proposal.

The End.


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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