S – Sunlight (A short fiction)

She was charming and extroverted. I was shy and introverted. I never thought she would be the love of my life. My second love, I should say.

I had a terrible breakup the first time around. It was love from my school days, right from 8th standard. But once we moved to college, our love started decreasing and our fights started increasing.

She enjoyed the new college atmosphere and new friends, whereas I could hardly make any friends, because I was too shy. So my only world was her, so when she ignored me by being with her new friends, I got possessive of her and it started a lot of fights. But she wouldn’t understand my need to talk to her. I wouldn’t understand her need for space. So our different characteristics resulted in us, growing further apart. Even the best of love can be destroyed due to misunderstanding.


So, by the end of first year of college, she had already found a new boyfriend and we had broken up. It dejected me a lot to find her out with someone else. It was too damn painful to realize whatever was happening was indeed real.

I literally roamed like a madman for another year, grieving the loss of my love. I sympathized with myself, I even thought she would come back to me and even tried messaging her, but she didn’t respond to me. I would be without eating, sleeping, I would be just living without interest in day to day activities.

That was all until I met her, Swetha, the second love of my life. She was my classmate.

It all happened during a lab practical, that she started speaking to me. I helped her with something when she needed help. I didn’t volunteer, it just happened that I was sitting beside her and she asked me for help.

After the lab period was over, I stayed back to experiment. I always loved studies, I was fairly good at studies and people over at school mentioned that I was intelligent. In college, however, my grades dropped severely but practical classes did excite me. That was probably my only distraction, at that point.

I had to look forward to something in life, so I would generally spend more time at the lab.

After sometime, I was all alone, that’s when she came inside. She had forgotten her record notebook.

That’s when she started speaking to me. She thanked me again for my help, I didn’t know how to react, as I was socially awkward.

That day, I walked with her till my hostel, after that she had to leave her home. It was mostly her doing all the talking and me doing the listening. I would be curious and ask few questions about her, she would reply. She was a chatterbox, but I loved some human interaction and I loved her open mindedness. Which boy doesn’t like interacting with a girl, especially being the shy personality that I was. After that day, we became good friends. It was notable that she was my only friend, so she was already special.

Then we began to roam together, and I slowly started falling in love with her. I didn’t know whether she really loved me, yet. I also didn’t know how to tell her that I loved her.

Then I opened up to her about my ex girlfriend and how I loved her so much and how bad a breakup I had. And how much I made myself pathetic thinking about her and grieving her loss. How much I was scarred at heart. She consoled me, to an extent I felt very secure.

And she always used to tease me that I was a dark personality, I was a dark soul and my life was dark and all that. She was probably the only person who had that privilege with me.

Then, a few days later, she wanted to come to my hostel room to get my record notebook. She said she wanted to look at how I solved the problems and then write it down herself. But I used to tease her, saying she was going to do a word by word copy of my record notebook. The truth is, she was honest. In fact, she had many boys who lined up to write the record note for her. But she wouldn’t use her girl tag for these purposes.

Yes, she was friendly and all. But she never desired for unwanted favours from anyone and kept everyone at a distance. I loved that part in her, and she in turn loved the fact that I was not that usual guy who would write record notebooks for her.

So once she came to my room, I invited her in, I tried to switch on the light. There was a power cut.

Then she asked, why don’t I open the window?

I said, i have hardly opened it.

So, she came inside and slided the curtain and opened the window. The sun rays entered inside. The room turned bright. I closed my eyes as a reaction to the bright light and it took sometime for my eyes to get adjusted to the new light.

It was wonderful to see the room like that, bright from the sunlight.

Then she turned back and said “You know Mr. Dark Soul, you need to allow the sunlight to enter your dark life.”

At that point, I could see similarities between her and the sunlight. Just like the sunlight which gave brightness to my room, she gave brightness to my life.

So, all of a sudden I spurted out “Yes, that’s why I allowed you into my life. You are my sunlight. You made my life bright.”

She giggled and nodded her head feeling slightly embarrassed and shy.

Then I felt she did have some love for me, I didn’t want to lose my sunshine, so I took the opportunity to be bold and said “I wish to be a part of your life, forever. I don’t want to lose the sunshine that God has bestowed upon me. I love you.”

That day changed everything in my life. Because she accepted my proposal.

And that’s how I met your grandmother.

“Wow, what a lovely story grandpa. So nice to hear your story grandpa.” my granddaughter said. Then she started playing something.

So often, we chose to stay in the dark. But some people come into our life and make our lives bright. They are our sunlight. We just need to allow them inside our lives.

The sunshine continues….


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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