V – Vendetta (A short story)

I tried to regain my consciousness, I slowly opened my eyes, that’s when I saw Thanikachalam, my most trusted aide, sitting on the chair. Seemed he dozed off a bit.

That’s when I remember why I was in the hospital. My nephew Deena shot me, but his aim missed. The bullet only hit my shoulders. And my people stopped him from firing another round of bullets. They even tried to shoot him, but I stopped them. I asked them to let him go, and they admitted me to the hospital.

That’s how the life of a gangster would be, never safe, you never know when you would die and who would kill you. There were always a lot of enemies.

It all started with my brother in law, Dinakaran shooting our boss, Thala, as we used to call him. He shot Thala right in front of my eyes. Thala was my mentor, my guide, my wellwisher, everything. Not only for me but for a whole lot of people. He was a real Don.


I was the most trusted aide of Thala. And I introduced Dinakaran into the group, as he was interested in joining our gang and making a name for himself.

He was good, quite good at his job, but he was egoistic and started to desire for a supreme position in the gang. Soon, he became the next trusted aide after me. He had a sub-gang on his own and an area of his own to take care, just like me. He was forming as an alternate power center.

Thala liked him, but didn’t like his greed, as he wanted to become Thala after Thala. So, Dinakaran wanted to displace me, as being the most trusted aide of Thala.

I should have nipped him in the bud, but sometimes emotion can make a man not to think logically. That’s what happened with me. I allowed him to grow, despite knowing that he was against me, primarily he was interested in my position.

One day, Thala was partitioning the area for us again. So, it used to happen like this. Whichever gang has a good control over that area, is in good terms with the police, and who could maintain political connections would get the priority in leading areas.

I was always level headed and had all things under control. So Thala offered me with the most leading area in town, as he usually does and the second most popular area to Dinakaran.

Dinakaran opposed and wanted my area. But I cautioned him not to create a split in the group, but he was adamant. Power and greed had overcome all his senses, Power and greed can destroy a man especially if he thinks he is invincible. We got into a bitter fight, and our men joined too. It was a very verbal fight. That’s when Thala chose to interrupt us. I chose to stop on the word of Thala, as I respected him immensely. But Dinakaran continued arguing and almost threatened Thala into giving him the leading area.

Thala got upset and slapped him on his face.

“How dare you? Do you know who is Daya? Do you know how many years he has been with me? Do you know how many times he has saved my life? He is my pillar of support. He introduced you here. Learn to respect your mentors. This is a big war, we have to fight against other gangs, police and everyone who is up against us. We shouldn’t fight among ourselves. Don’t let your greed run high. People are most important in life, don’t ever try to overtake him. Till I am alive, I will be giving the leading area only to him.” he said.

Dinakaran didn’t like what Thala said, one little bit and went away along with his men. That night, Dinakaran came alone without his men to see Thala. Thala was sitting and I was standing beside him. I saw him apologize for his behavior. Knowing thala’s character, he would forgive people if they chose to apologize instead of being arrogant about their mistakes. So, he forgave him. After a while of talking, Dinakaran finally asked

“Thala, till you are alive, I won’t become number one right?”

Thala was confused as to why he was asking that question, at that point. I started to notice that something was fishy, so began to notice Dinakaran’s moves. Dinakaran’s eyes started to fill with anger, his hands reached behind and I was shocked to see that he pulled out a gun. I rushed to stop him

“Dishoom. Dishoom. Dishoom.” he fired three gunshots at Thala’s chest and shoulder.

“Then you deserve to die, idiot. I will be number one from here on.”

I hit him and his gun flew away. Our men came from inside, but by that time, he started running. A few men chased him. A few men chose to stay with me and help.

I saw Thala’s condition was pretty pathetic, blood was oozing from his chest and shoulder.

“Ready our car, I ordered one of my men.”

“No Daya. No. I won’t survive, I could see I am dying. Daya, Daya, just take care of our clan. You are the leader. From here on, You are the Thala.”

“No, I won’t let you die, Thala. Let’s rush to the hospital.” I lifted him along with one of my men, but when I did, I saw his head which was upright till that point, drooped.

My mentor, my guru, my role model, my everything died right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. I should have never let that traitor inside the clan.

The same night, I managed to find him and killed him cold heartedly, despite knowing that he was from my very own family. But when it comes to life, karma doesn’t work like that.

Sometimes you have to end up doing what’s right even if they are your own people.

I don’t regret that move. But it started a vendetta. Now that I have grown old, Dinakaran’s son is in charge of their gang. Recently, he was targeting our gang. His only motive was to destroy our operations and destroy me.

That’s when Thanikachalam woke up. He saw me.

“Thala. How are you feeling now? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I am good, I have survived this time too.” I said, chuckling.

“Thala, I have asked them to take care of him.” he said.

“No da, leave him. I just want this family feud to end. Today, if we kill him, they will kill one of us, then the cycle will continue. Let’s put an end to this.”

“But Thala, he shot you, in front of my eyes. You remember what you did, when someone shot your Thala in front of your eyes.” he said.

“Madman, that time my Thala died. But now I’m still alive.”

“You could have died. If that had happened, I wouldn’t spare even one member from his gang.” he said.

“Control yourself. Enough of this vendetta. Let’s put an end to this.” I said.

He sighed. “Ok, for now I will ask the boys not to touch him. But if he tries to misbehave one more time, he will be a dead stock.”

“Hmmm.” I said.

“Dishoom. Dishoom.” we heard gunshots. He went and looked outside. A couple of men come inside.

“What’s happening?” he asked.

He watched through the window, seemed there was some fight going on between the gangs.

“They have come here also, Thala, this time I won’t spare any of them.”

“Thanika.. Thanika..” he didn’t listen, and he headed to take care of those men asking the two men to take care of me.

The two men came inside, each had his gun ready, in case some danger comes.

After sometime, a nurse came inside along with the stretcher containing some medicines and injections.

The two men checked her and let her in.

Once she was in, from the bottom of the stretcher, where it was covered with cloth, emerged a man and shot at both the men.

“Get out.” he said to the nurse, he stood with his gun, cold hearted. Just like his father. Dinakaran’s son.

“Your father did wrong, so I killed him. If you kill me now, this would never end. Be sensible.”

“You killed my father, my wellwisher, my mentor, my everything. You deserve to die.” he said and shot me in my chest.

———————–Vendetta will continue——————-


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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