Y – Yogurt (A short fiction)

I always loved yogurts, I loved the different flavours of it. Even my dad loved yogurts, Every time we buy some and bring it home, he and me would compete with each other to get to the yogurt first.

But my dad remains no more, he died when I was very young, like I was 8 years old. I was told by my paternal uncle, Shakthi, that he died due to excessive drinking. Yeah, he was a drinker, he used to drink a lot. If it was now, I would have openly said him not to drink, but at that time, I never knew something like this could happen due to drinking.

My uncle and aunt were responsible in my growth. They took care of me like my parents, ever since my dad left me. I had lost my mother immediately after giving birth to me. I have just seen her photo, wasn’t fortunate to see her face even once. So, from very early on in my life, my father, my uncle and my aunt were very close to each other.


We all used to stay together in our big bungalow.

My dad ran many companies and I should say we are all very rich. I have heard from my uncle that he struggled to find a good job and eventually settled to work as assistant to my Dad.

But we all stayed together as one happy family. My uncle had a son, who studied in a hostel. He would be turning 18 the following year, and would be in charge of a company from the following year.

That’s what my uncle said, that dad had written in his will that at the age of 18 both me and uncle’s son would get one company each. Yeah, and today I am told by my uncle that I became the director of a company.

It felt strange. I turned 18 only the previous day, I was not even a fully grown up adult. I was emotionally very sensitive, I was not aware of what happened in business, but I was made the director.

I repeatedly told uncle that I wasn’t fit for it, but somehow, he told me that he would guide me in everything. So I signed the papers that day. So, officially I was a director of a company.

Proud, wasn’t it?

So, he said, the next morning I needed to go to the company along with uncle and meet a few stakeholders. I was nervous as hell, after listening to that.

So, I just wanted to meet uncle once and tell him that I am rather worried. I thought, maybe talking with him would relieve my stress.

When I went near their room, I heard that my uncle and aunt were having some conversation. I never go to their room, so maybe they are a bit loud, because they always had a lot of privacy.

“Shakthi, do we really need to do this?” my aunt asked.

“Yes, we have to.” he said.

“But why? I don’t understand. We have taken care of him for so long, I don’t feel like doing it.” she said.

They were both raising their tones, to make their points. I was actually wondering what they were fighting about.

Then I heard some things falling down. I got afraid, it seemed like it was turning into a fight. That’s when I decided to peep through the curtain, I moved the curtain slightly and saw what was happening.

I was shocked to see that my uncle was choking my aunt with his hand. My heartbeat was racing and I was curious to know what this was all about, since I had never seen them fight like this.

“Look, I have waited for 10 years for this. Don’t screw it up for me. If you screw up, you will meet the same fate as my brother. If I want, I could also send you to jail.” he said.

“What? What are you saying?” she said.

I started to wonder what this was all about.

“Yes I had recorded whatever you were doing to my brother. You mixed the poison in that yogurt box, he was supposed to have and you gave it to him to eat. I have a video proof for that.”

What? She poisoned my dad. All of a sudden, the entire world shattered right in front of me. How could she? And my uncle knew it? What’s all this, I began to wonder.

“You only told me to do it.” she said.

“Yes, I only told it. But I had to have a proof that you did it, because I don’t trust anyone in matters of money. Now, you will do this too. I would have killed that small worm too, but my brother had mentioned in the will that his son would get all the money and I will be just a guardian. And when he turns 18, he will get all the money legally. So I have waited for this day, did you get that? I won’t allow this to slip from me.” he said and left her from his choking.

She coughed, coughed a lot.

“Ok, I will do it. But don’t take a video of this. Is this how much you trust me? You stupid?” she asked.

My uncle planned all this. He was the mastermind behind killing my dad. Now he is planning to kill me too. Oh my God.

I had tears in my eyes, my chest was getting full, I gasped for my breath. It was too difficult for me to digest all these. How would you feel if the very people whom you thought cared for you so much and love you so much, all of sudden turned traitors. I felt like crying aloud, but I was afraid that they would listen.

Then he apologized for behaving to her like that and he said I love you to her and she reciprocated.

“Just imagine, my dear, our son will be a multi-millionaire. And you know what you have to do? Will you do it?”

“Yeah” she said. “I will poison that yogurt, he eats for breakfast tomorrow.”

I felt dejected and left the place and went to my room.

It was the worst night of my entire life, probably worst than my dad’s death. My father trusted his brother so much, but his own brother had killed him. I trusted them, but they are planning to kill me.

I was respecting them as my mother and father, they were also showering me with love. Now only I understood that it was all a drama. I felt so dejected. It was a betrayal, and I didn’t even wanted to fight back. My heart was broken down and shattered to pieces. It was hurt. How come, someone who had taken care of me for so long could plan to do something like that. I thought, “Instead of living in this deceitful world, I thought I would eat that yogurt and die.”

Next morning, I came to the dining table. My aunt was there at the table, smiling at me. It was hard to believe it was a fake smile. I smiled back at her. I also began to fake. I sat and started eating the yogurt. I also saw aunt gesturing uncle that I had started eating.

I finished eating the yogurt, it was my favorite mango yogurt. It was tasty. But I knew, it was my last.

That’s when I told her “Aunty, I know this yogurt is poisoned. But whatever you hoped would never happen.”

“W.. What?.. What are you saying? Hey, come here.” she called my uncle. When he came near her, she whispered something in his ears.

On listening that, my uncle said “What happened? Why are you talking like this?”

“Uncle, no need to act, I listened to everything you spoke last night. You wanted my death right? I knew I was going to die, but still I ate. I ate it, because I no longer felt like living in this world. But whatever you wanted would never happen. The money, would never be yours.”

By then, he realized that I knew everything and replied “Oh so you know. And you are eating this. You made our lives simple, otherwise I would have to kill you by some other means. It’s good that you chose to die just like your father. You’ve got a good heart, but unfortunately it’s of no use. Now, the route is clear for me. I would tell you committed suicide due to depression. I already have made arrangements.”

I started giggling. “Uncle, You are never going to be rich and you both are going to go to jail. Just go and check the papers I signed yesterday.”

Aunt immediately ran upstairs to bring the papers.

“Shakthi, there are no papers.” she shouted from upstairs.

“Where are the papers?” he shouted at me.

Inside my toilet. It’s already flushed, I said.

“How dare you?” he said and slapped me. “I will forge your sign, you idiot. You rascal. No one can stop me from becoming rich.”

“Sorry, you can’t. You are going to jail.” I took my mobile phone and showed it to him.

“Facebook live? 1000 users connected. Shit.”

“The whole world is seeing you, poison me. Hahahahaha.” I said and then I slept.

End of Yogurt.


Dear readers, please feel free to comment/critique my stories. It would be of immense help.  In case you already don’t know, I am writing this as part of the A to Z short story challenge

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