8 days of my new little one and counting… [My diary]

She came into my world 8 days back.

When I saw her for the first time, she had a striking resemblance with her brother.

I remember seeing my son in a similar situation almost 5 years back.

Those small eyes were wondering what’s happening in this world and why it’s so bright in this world, all of a sudden.

Those little hands and tiny fingers awaiting to be kissed.

That small body wrapped in a sheet.

After a couple of people, it was finally my turn to have my baby in my lap.

And I was proud as hell as I became a proud father once again, this time the only difference is, it was a baby girl.

I called her using the pet name I kept for her during my wife’s pregnancy.  She responded.  I didn’t know if she really responded to my voice or she did it just like that, I felt proud nevertheless.

I was overjoyed.  But I controlled my emotions, being the person that I am.  But from inside, I was happy like crazy.

When my wife came out of the Operation theater, I smiled at her.  Finally, what wished had happened.  We wished for a girl child because we already had a boy.  That wish turned reality.

One week flew away, taking care of my wife and my girl and my son.  I was shuttling between home and hospital.

My wife writhed in pain because of her stitches, yet I could see every time she saw my daughter’s innocent face, she got a temporary relief from that pain.

I have had a few sleepless nights and I do feel tired sometimes, but all that tiredness flies away when I see my daughter’s little face.

But ever since my daughter is born, I wanted to express my feelings somehow.  That’s why I am writing this now.

I would try to be a good father to my daughter just like I have trying to be (and will try to be) for my son.  I know the challenge would be different this time around, but I would try my best.

Wishing a very warm welcome to my dear daughter into this lovely world!!!!…

PS: This might mean a slight change in my writing schedule and my book launch, but at the moment, there are no prices for guessing what takes more priority 🙂


  1. Congratulations and lots of love and wishes to the mother and the little bundle of joy. I am sure she will be more than worth those tiny pecks of stitches. And hearty wishes for a safe and sound recovery ?

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