Reboot [A free verse]

When the going gets very tough

When you think your world has ended

When you feel you no longer can take it

When your heart feels it’s time to quit

When your mind voice says “That’s it.  It’s over.”

When you go into a spiral of negative thoughts

When you are into deep shit

When you know you can’t fix it

When you know you can’t undo things that you have done

When you know you have lost the appetite to fight

When you no longer show interest in areas you were once very passionate about

When you feel that you are no good

When you have convinced yourself that you are a complete failure

When you feel your life sucks

When life hits you very hard and you can’t get back up

When you feel that you no longer want to fight

When you feel you wish you can’t take any more pain and suffering

When you feel you have no purpose in life

When you feel there is no purpose to live

When you know that you can’t change any of them

Just hold on.  Reboot your life.  Sometimes a PC or a mobile or a tablet or a laptop gets overloaded.  It gets confused with so many instructions to the processor.  As days progress, it becomes slow.  Then, it no longer responds.  We know it is not good as what it used to be.  What do we do? We try for sometime to kill the unwanted applications, cleanup old data, etc.  Then, if nothing works what do we do? Do we simply kill it?

No, we reboot it and start fresh.

Similarly, our lives go through this kind of low sometimes.  We get overloaded.  We get confusing instructions from our mind.  We know that we are no longer our best that we used to be.  What do we do?  Maybe try killing our unwanted thoughts.  Maybe clean up our old shit.  But sometimes, nothing works.  What do we do?  Do we die?

No, We Reboot and start our life fresh!!


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