First reviews for my E-book – What I Learnt by writing 26 short stories in 7 days

Dear friends,

After I launched my Ebook “What I Learnt by writing 26 short stories” a couple of days back, I have been tracking the downloads and the reviews.

And I was happy to get my first review.  It went something like this:


I felt awesome.  My first review and that too a 5-star one.

Then later on, in the day I got this review from an avid reader and blogger friend and new nanowriter Anusha, which goes like this:


That really made my day! Enough said.

Reviews are very important for an author.  It’s a validation of their efforts and their output.  So a review excites an author always.  And I respect every single review to my book, no matter positive or negative.

So, what are you waiting for?  Kindly go ahead and download my Ebook.  Links are provided below:


Feel free to bash me if you feel this book doesn’t meet your expectations too.

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