How to write a short story in an hour?

Have you ever felt your lack of time is hampering you from writing? Do you feel it would be a lot better if you manage to write a short story in one sitting.

I have felt the same way several times during my writing journey. For a full time software engineer with a demanding work life and a family man having one wife and two kids now, it’s hard for me to get time. So I need to effectively use whatever time is available.

So, I generally make a point to write a short story in one sitting. There are few reasons why I want to do so.

I don’t want to break my rhythm

Assume I write for an hour today and I manage only 70% of one short story. I would have gained a lot of momentum by the end of the hour, but due to lack of time, I have to stop working on it and start work the next day. So, the next day it’s like I had to start from scratch. My mind has to get into that writer mode. So, I nearly take another half an hour to get into the groove probably by reading my story again and then start writing. Here is a problem. I can go into the editing mode if I start reading, because I could easily catch errors while reading. So that can take up some time as well. Sometimes I lose motivation and stop the work for the day. And sometimes, I finish the work. But the point is, I take two days to do a work that I could have possibly done within a day.

I want to get more done within less time.

Every writer wants to write more and more. I am by no means different. In fact, I also want to write more in less time so that I can get to my finished work fast. Nothing motivates me like finished work. So I want to get more done in less time.

And a blessing came to me in the form of my “A to Z short story challenge

In short, in this challenge, I managed to write 26 short stories in 7 days. And best part is I also managed to edit them and publish them all in my blog. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will obviously know what I am talking about.

To give an idea, I had to write 26 short stories each story starting with letter A to Z. So, on an average 4 short stories per day. Imagine the challenge, I was a person who was struggling to write an hour per day. And before I attempted the challenge, my work routine was quite hectic, so I had literally no time to write. So I had lost touch for writing short stories, but I knew maybe I needed this kind of challenge to get back into my writing best.

At the end of the challenge, I managed to finish all the first drafts of the short stories within an hour, on average.

So what were the key strategies/tactics I followed?

Came up with the words/theme before I wrote the story

Due to the constrained nature of the challenge, I was forced to do some planning in order to get moving. Single most good thing I did was that I came up with the words that I would write about. I had a list of A to Z words that would form the base of my short story.

For eg.

A – Anxiety, Addiction and Attraction

B – Boredom, Bookmark, Bankrupt

C – Champion, Cigarette, Clown.

And I chose words that struck some chord with me. I searched in google for words starting with A, words starting with B, etc. And I would note down the words that would trigger some sort of reaction in me. It’s a strange feeling, maybe it was intuition more than anything else. I ignored the other words.

Alternatively, you could always use Writing prompts or themes or events which you get inspired from, as a basis of your short story. Idea is to write.

The advantage of having a word, theme or an event is that it already triggers the writing process inside your head. For eg. when I heard Addiction, I wanted to tell the story of addiction from the point of view of an addict. So I started imagining a man who had been divorced due to his alcohol addiction. And what would go through his mind, etc.

So, by the time I had sat down to write the story, the words started flowing in. And once a writer moves past the initial inertia, he gets into a flow state which is critical. So due to this single activity, every time I got into the flow state faster than normal.

No distractions rule

Writing is a creative process. If there are distractions, it’s difficult to get into the creative mindset because our mind can be wandering.

So, as a rule, I switched off my mobile and closed down all browsers and opened just one browser tab which was for my writing.

Idea is anything other than writing during a writing session is a distraction.

No editing rule

Again, editing can be a distraction when writing your first draft. So, I decided that I would not edit during my writing session. My editing session would take place later.

Struck to my strengths

One of the key things that I did in order to finish the challenge within time was that I struck to my strengths. In the initial planning stages of this challenge, I was in a dilemma whether to write short stories (which was my usual style, a bit longer) or write Flash fiction (more shorter version). First of all, I haven’t tried writing flash fiction before so I stayed away from writing it. I struck to my strengths, which was short stories and it paid to me.

Point is when you are trying to write in a short period of time, you got to stick to your strengths. Experiments are for another occasion, not when you are trying to finish something fast.


All these strategies/tactics helped me finish most of my stories within an hour. Do let me know what strategies you follow to write your short stories fast? Feel free to share.

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