What I learnt from 439 days of my writing exile?

439 days have passed since I wrote something on this blog.  Lot of things have happened. My family plus office pressure has kept me from writing for these many days.

Or at least I can give these excuses.

You may ask why I haven’t written anything for so many days. Is it lack of time? Or is it lack of motivation? or did I get distracted?

In terms of writing, it’s been a very forgetful year 2018 for me. Because I didn’t contribute a single word to my blog.

Not just that, I was so undisciplined that I lost my motivation and my drive for writing. Worst of all, I lost my domain name. Yes, I forgot to renew my domain name and hosting services too.

When I noticed that several weeks back after the renewal period was over, I realized how much lethargic I have been.

My hosting provider vapourhost was good enough to restore my old blog and I didn’t lose a single word from it all.

But I lost my domain name rajawrites.com because I had to pay a crazy sum to google for retaining the same domain name. So I settled for rajawrites.in domain name.

What caused me to be so much lethargic?

It all started with Office pressure. Then family pressure. Then my involvement into excessive debates in social media about politics. Debates were such a time sucker.

By the time I was back to a normal schedule, I had got into a habit of not writing.

At times, I did feel guilty about not writing but overall I didn’t get the motivation to write anything.

I was writing some quotes on yourquote but those don’t count much as they were very few compared to my previous years.

But why am I writing something now. Because, even though I was not writing I got a feeling that I missed something.

I often got distracted. I didn’t know what to do. I was almost on auto-pilot mode every single day.

That little voice kept on telling me that I have to write again. I have to write again.

I didn’t hear it loud enough. It took several months and finally, here I am, writing. At least writing something. Venting out, one might say.

So what did I learn from this self induced exile.

Never celebrate success too early

I had a wonderful time in 2017. I managed to do a writing challenge (26 short stories in 7 days).  I managed to gain plenty of confidence due to that. Then I wrote an Ebook based on the learnings I had during that writing challenge. I published that Ebook very quickly. My first Ebook as a fiction writer was live in Amazon. I was ecstatic. I was elated. It was a great milestone according to me. I was in celebration mode plus thinking oneself as Baahubali mode. I got a false sense of superiority or achievement that I got carried away and did nothing for several months. That coincided with my peak pressure in office but the trigger was this. I started to celebrate success too early. I haven’t hit 0.1 % of what I could achieve in my writing career but I was rejoicing like I had won a literary award. I lost 439 days to it. But life always comes with it’s share of learnings. The biggest learning for me is that, i shouldn’t celebrate success too early but keep on working hard.

I was not good at maintenance ( I need to find something on autopilot)

This is very evident with the fact that I lost my domain name. That’s when I realized that maybe I was pretty decent at creating stuffs but not maintaining them. I have observed this pattern in my life, my work, my writing, etc. And I paid a price for it. But I learnt a valuable lesson. I should look for something that runs on auto-pilot and not involve my maintenance time. Classic example is I could have lost my hard written creative words but I didn’t lose my Ebook which was in Kindle. I don’t maintain it but someone else does. Maybe that’s exactly what I have to think about.

Never leave a long gap (Fix on a time to come back before the break)

Everyone has a busy phase in life. But not everyone forgets their habit. At least the most successful person don’t do that. So, next time when I get busy I will make it a point that I will come back to it and fix a timeline for my return.

Leave too many projects open

I have written many short stories none of which I have made an attempt to publish. I know writing and publishing are different games. I have to get a lot better at editing in order to publish a short story. But that’s where the challenge is. And that’s where my next growth will be. Otherwise, I will be just a writer who hasn’t tried publishing his book. So my biggest learning is that, I will not leave too many projects open and I will try to publish them.

That I am always a writer at heart

You know what. Sometimes people get their true calling. Even though they are busy with their busy lives, there is something at heart that says something. Something which needs to be heard. For me, that voice told me to return back to writing.  Obviously writing has it’s own set of challenges but deep down I knew I was missing my writing. Finally, I concluded that I am always a writer at heart. That’s my true calling.

So what’s my next plan?

Get back to writing something. I don’t care about what that something is, but all I care about is I start writing again. So see you soon with another post.


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